Monthly Rhythm Events


Our Rhythm Together at Our Savior's Palm Springs

Rhythm is important. It keeps us on track. It keeps us moving forward in a meaningful way. Healthy and balanced lives require good balance and rhythm. daily, weekly, monthly and seasonally.

Rhythm is like a pendulum, regularly swinging between staying and going, resting and working, filling up and pouring out, abiding and fruitfulness. Being in rhythm creates the time and space for us to attend to what God is doing in our lives and then to live it out in our community.

Our hopes for Our Savior's as a missional community is to model the rhythm of life together, balancing abiding and fruitfulness in our three dimensions of life in relationships:, Up, In and Out. Our goal is to intentionally attend to our relationship to God, our relationships with each other, and our relationships with the community around us, experiencing the meaningful difference each of these relationships make.

As we engage our community here at Our Savior's Palm Springs, we continue to gain clarity about the shape of our time together and how we live the three dimensions of Up, In, and Out.

Most months the rhythm will look like this!

UP---1st week of the month- Our time will focus on hanging out with each other and with God over a conversation, questions, prayer music, worship and a meal.

IN---2nd week of the month- having fun together with activities like Movies, bowling, game night, barbeques, etc.

Out---3rd week of the month – serving together in our community.

Together- Last Friday of the month -lunch with Pastor Rob (Dutch treat-each paying own expenses).

Join us in enjoying our Monthly Rhythm!